Steering & Suspension Products

Netex contributes to traffic safety with a wide selection of steering and suspension components. Netex manufactures and assembles approximately 7,000 kinds of ball joints, tie rod ends, tie rod shafts, z rods and swing arms for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Control Arm

It is the suspension part that is included in the suspension system and also contains the shock absorbers for the vehicle to be used safely.

Stabilizer Link

The Z tie rod transmits the up and down movement of the wheel to the other wheel via the stabilizer bar. Thanks to this transfer of motion, it provides increased steering control in bends and prevents the vehicle from slipping, skidding or swaying left and right.

Ball Joint

Ball joint is a connecting element in the front suspension with a complex mechanism that allows your wheels to move up and down independently, as well as turn left or right.

Axial Joint

The tie rod shaft, also known as the tie rod, is an articulated part. One side is connected to the steering box and the other side is connected to the tie rod end. It provides the connection between the steering box and the wheel.

Tie Rod End

The tie rod end transmits the movement from the steering gear box to the tie rod, gooseneck and finally to the wheels of the vehicle. The joint located at the rod ends provides the transmission of the pushing movement.