Rubber & Metal Products

Netex Rubbers are produced following ISO standards and offered with international certifications. With our wide variety of products, we are able to meet our customer’s needs. We are following highest industry standards from the beginning of production to packaging.

Engine Mounting

The engine mount is a system located in the lower part of the engine, which has an absorbing function on the vibration caused by the engine system and provides the balance against vehicle skidding.

Turbo Hose

The turbocharger compresses air and delivers it to the engine through a series of turbocharged hoses.

Silent Arm Bush

The swing bushing, which is a part of the swing arm, connects the front wheels to the chassis. In this way, the impacts coming from the road are softened and the vibration of the vehicle is prevented.

Bellow Drive Shaft

Axle boot protects the connection points on the "fixed speed axle" coming out of the transmission in a front wheel drive vehicle from dust and dirt. And it acts as a shield, ensuring that the grease in the connections does not drain. It is plastic. bellows feature.