Brake Products

Discs and pads produced by Netex Brake Systems have medium and high friction coefficients; and very high heat and wear resistance. These products have been carefully designed according to the expectations of passenger car and light commercial vehicle users. Netex brake products have been tested in dynamometer and industrial trials. They guarantee good performance even under the toughest conditions.

Brake Pads

It is a mechanism that plays an important role in the deceleration and stopping of motor vehicles, is linked to the wheel and affects the braking system.

Brake Disk

As soon as the brake is pressed, the vehicle in motion begins to slow down, while the brake disc ensures that the vehicle does not slide left and right and slows down by moving on a smooth route.

Brake Shoes

After the brakes are installed, the shoe, which is a curled piece of metal coated on the outside with friction material, is pressed into the drum and creates the wear needed to slow the vehicle and then stop it.